Our award-winning community outreach program connects participants to the history of the local community by crafting a student-directed historical walking tour with the help of oral history interviews, guided research practice, and photography lessons. This project engages students with the many histories of their neighborhood, allowing them to explore people and places of value to them and introduces students to local leaders and sites of historical significance to the community.  

Mission Inn Foundation staff work with participants to develop oral history interview skills, coordinate student interviews, teach students basic photography techniques, supervise students on field trips to sites within their community, lead art projects related to the student’s community, lead the final walking tour, and organize a capstone reception and exhibition of the students’ work at a location in the students’ community. The program typically includes 10 sessions over a 5 week period for grades 7-12. The program scheduling is flexible and can reflect the teacher's availability.
In addition to History and Social Studies, the Community History Outreach Project is a perfect complement to the AVID and ELD curricula. This project challenges students to express themselves artistically, requires them to further hone their research skills, and assists with spoken and written English language development.

e Hands on History ESL/ELD Program Completed their Final Exhibition Day - Check out their Presentations 





The most interesting thing I learned from the oral history interviews is that Councilman Gardner helps people who have problems in their neighborhoods.
          - Jordy C., 2013 

My favorite place on the downtown walking tour is White Park because I think it is a beautiful, peaceful place for people to relax.
          - Chau D., 2013

An important thing I learned about photography is that you have to have good angles and good lighting to get a good picture.
          - Alexandra B., 2011 

For more information about the Community History Outreach Project and other youth education programs, contact the Education Department at 951-781-8241 or edu(at)missioninnmuseum.org.