The following is a timeline for Race Day Set-up on November 13, 2016. The map below illustrates all streets that will be closed on November 13, 2016 from 7am-noon. Please make accommodations accordingly.  

3:30 am                 Setup begins

7:00 am                 ½ Marathon begins and Street closures start

7:30 am                 5K Race begins downtown, through Fairmont Park, Redwood & Third Sts.

7:35 am                 5K Walk begins, same as above

8:30 am                 10K race begins, downtown, Fairmont Park, Mt. Rubidoux Dr., Redwood,

                                Tequesquite, 3rd St., Market

10:15 am               Most streets should start clearing for regular traffic except downtown

10:30 am               1K Kids’ Fun Run, Orange, 3rd, Market Sts.

10:45 am               1/2K Kids’ Fun Run, Market & Mission Inn Ave.

11:00 am                Clean-up Begins

12:30 pm                All areas and street closures removed

As always, the safety of the participants is a primary concern.  Please observe all posted street closure signs and obey the directions of the crossing guards.  If you have a pressing need to cross the race-course route, please speak to a crossing guard or race marshal first.  They are there to help you maneuver safely. Police officers will also be onsite to assist you in leaving or returning to the area.

If you would like to volunteer as a race marshal in your neighborhood, please contact us at runinfo(at) As always, we appreciate your cooperation and support.





This is a map of the run courses, which covers all the streets used.

What you need to know:

1. The areas which will be the most congested will be around Fairmount Park, and the downtown area around MARKET between 1ST and UNIVERSITY.  You should avoid driving in these areas as crossing these streets will be prohibited.

2. The whole event will only impact our area for 5.5 hours:  7:00 am-12:30 p.m.

3. These are the best ways to get out of your neighborhoods:

  • If you live on Little Mt. Rubidoux, you will be allowed to cross REDWOOD at 4TH ST.  (Take Indian Hill Road around to where it becomes 4th St.
  • If you live at the base of "big" Mt. Rubidoux (10th to 14th Streets), you are asked to cross REDWOOD at 11th ST.

4.  Do Not attempt to get on the 60 Freeway by going through Fairmount Park between 7:30 -11:30 a.m. You may enter the 60 via Main St or by taking the 91 to the 60.

• The 91 entry at 14th St. will accessible.

• The 91 entry at University will be possible, however, because the finish line is in front of the Mission Inn there will be congestion in the area.