Citrus, Frank Miller and The Mission Inn

Citrus, Frank Miller and the Mission Inn looks at the relationship Frank Miller had with citrus prior to his ownership of the Mission Inn and eventually how the Mission Inn was reflected in the local citrus industry. Throughout your historical journey there are three craft activities to create and explore, providing a hands-on learning experience!

The Mission Inn Hotel Architecture Series: The Mission Wing: Court of the Birds 

We are exploring the “Mission Wing” and the “Court of the Birds”.  We invite you to take part in the Greeting Card Activity, featuring the Campanario. We hope you can send family and friends a little piece of Riverside to remind them how much you miss them! 

St. Francis Chapel: International Shrine of Aviators 

 We explore the “Wall of Wings” outside the St. Francis Chapel and the numerous aviators that have placed their signed wings on the wall, including Orville Wright! We invite you to decorate your own Mission Inn Flier's Wings. 

Fliers Wall Activity Download.pdf

MIF_Flier template.pdf

The Mission Inn Hotel Architecture Series: The International Rotunda Wing: Ceramic Tiles 

We look at one of the International Rotunda’s most unique and (probably) unknown features, the 49 ceramic tiles that line the walls, which showcase over 30 countries. We invite you to take part in creating your own Mission Inn Tile!

Rotunda_Tile_Lesson and Template.pdf

The Mission Inn Hotel Architecture Series: The International Rotunda Wing: Initial Activity 

We are taking another look at the International Rotunda. However, this time we are focusing on another unknown part, the metal railing. Join us in learning about the important initials and create and decorate your own initials. 



St. Francis of Assisi Chapel: Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass Windows

Did you know that the son of the founder of Tiffany & Co. (famous jewelry store) created the windows displayed in the St. Francis Chapel? Learn a little about the windows and their creator. Then create and decorate your own stained-glass artwork.


The Mission Inn Hotel Architecture Series: Spanish Wing: Spanish Patio and Anton Clock 

Did you know the Spanish Wing contains work from three different architects, built at three different times? Learn a brief history of the Spanish Wing and one of its most unique features, the Anton Clock, built in Germany in 1709. Then create your own clock. 

Anton Clock Activity.pdf


"Sketching the Mission Inn Macaws" - Hosted by JImmy Purcell 


The Mission Inn Poem 

Did you know the Mission Inn, Frank Miller, and Riverside were featured in a poem? Learn about the poem and create a Mission In Haiku. 


The Mission Inn Art Series: San Juan Hill Painting 

Did you know the Mission Inn houses a work of art that features the First U.S. Cavalry, led by Theodore Roosevelt? Learn about the painting and then paint your own work of art. 




City of Riverside Series: Downtown Riverside 

Learn about the development of Riverside and share your historical photographs of Riverside throughout the years. 

Historical Photographs Activity.pdf


City of Riverside Series (Father's Day Edition): The Founding Fathers of Riverside 

Learn about Riverside's "Founding Fathers" in honor of Father's Day and create your own Walk of Fame Star for your Father. 


"Sketching a Riverside Coloring Page" - Hosted by Kimberly Cobb 


Riverside Coloring Page Download